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16th World Congress on Public Health 2020 

title: The barriers to effective hypertension care: a focus on the patient's journey

workshop session: 1F

date: 13 October 2020

location: virtual

time: 6.00am (London); 7.00am (Rome); 1.00pm (Manila, Kuala Lumpur)

This workshop is only open to the 16th World Congress on Public Health participants. To register for the congress, please follow this link: WCPH 2020 REGISTRATION


We are delighted to host a virtual workshop during the 16th World Congress on Public Health, which will be chaired by Prof. Dina Balabanova and Prof. Martin McKee. Please find the workshop programme below:

  • Hypertension multiple’: Patients’ experiential knowledge concept of symptoms and care required, and its implications for public health. (Jhaki Mendoza – Philippines)

  • Deconstructing the patient pathway to (in)effective care for hypertension: an application to the Philippines. (Dina Balabanova - United Kingdom)

  • The choices and consequences of seeking care for chronic conditions for disadvantaged populations in Malaysia and the Philippines (Benjamin Palafox - United Kingdom)

  • Understanding the multiple health systems and contextual barriers to hypertension control: Towards a new framework and its application to the Philippines. (Maureen Seguin - United Kingdom)

  • Towards understanding power and agency in policy implementation: A stakeholder analysis of a primary care NCD policy in the Philippines. (Marysol Balane – Philippines)

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