RESPOND Video Collection

starting date: 17 January 2022

closing date: 11 February 2022


We are collecting videos from around the world that offer lived experiences of people that can help us understand what it means to live with an illness such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, or mental health conditions. Beyond that, we also intend to gather the experiences of health care workers, families, and community members of supporting those with chronic diseases.

Selected video/videos will be shared on the RESPOND website and social media channels, providing voice and valuable insight into the challenges with how these illnesses are currently managed and viable solutions that can help improve people’s health and personal realities. Ultimately, our goal is to find ways in which health systems must change to respond to people needs and strengthen People-Centre Care.
As a token of appreciation, the first ten people who submit one or more videos that best convey their lived experience as a patient, carer or health professional managing chronic illness will receive $30 (US dollars).

How to participate

To participate in the RESPOND video collection, please create a five-minute video recorded on your phone or computer, answering one of the questions below. You are welcome to answer more questions by creating one video for each answer. Then complete the form and submit the video/videos here.

  1. If you (or someone you know/treat) are receiving treatment for any chronic health condition, what helps you/them to continue with this treatment?

  2. What key problems have you/they faced in seeking and maintaining treatment for a chronic health condition?

  3. How would you improve health care and other community services so that they work better for you or others living with a chronic health condition? (Solutions should be realistic/implementable)

Instructions for filming

  • Answer one question (or more) by submitting one video per question lasting no more than five minutes each.

  • Film in a location with little or no background noise.

  • Turn your camera to landscape mode, not portrait (horizontal, not vertical).

  • Avoid bright light behind the speaker (e.g., a window), rather have the light on your face.

  • Set up the camera in a stable position or ask someone else to assist by holding the camera for you.

  • Speak loudly and clearly.

  • Repeat the question you are answering, pause for 3 seconds and then answer the question (ex: “Answer to Question 2?” “The problem we have faced is...”).

  • All languages are accepted; however, please avoid slang words to facilitate translation.

  • You are welcome to film a video alongside another person, answering the questions together. We would value a conversational approach to this and allow a longer time if required (up to ten minutes).

  • See the demo video 

Thank you for your participation! We are excited to hear from you and to give a platform for your voice to be heard so that we can work together to improve health outcomes and the experience of all those involved in the care process!


If you have any questions or issues in submitting the video, don't hesitate to get in touch with Carley Serwat